NATO Cataloging

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As stipulated in the Regulation of Cataloging of Defense Material regulated by the RD 166/2010 of February 19th (BOE n º 58 of March 8, 2010), every supplier of the Ministry of Defense must catalog, as a prerequisite, the objects of their supply.

PERAMA is accredited as Cataloging Services company by Ministry of Defence with 2N code and has the Official Software MINISDEF for conducting and supporting NATO cataloging. It also has its own software that adds value to the documentation itself and allows to follow the traceability of actions cataloging, providing additional information to customers.

Cataloging is to assign a catalog number to all voices / parts purchased by the Ministry of Defense (MD) of Spain. Following an identical procedure for all countries that constitute NATO Atlantic Alliance as well as many other nations adhered to that system, that number will be identical in all these countries.

Thanks to this uniform system, it possible to create a unique identity for each item of supply, that differentiates them from any other items, and allowing the prevention, detection and elimination of duplications.

Thus, each item of supply will:

  • An unique item name.
  • a single uniform classification.
  • an unique uniform identification.
  • a unique uniform NATO catalog number.

Definitely it is the basis of a common logistic language for material management.

The Catalog of articles is how to present the content of the database of cataloging material. Its purpose is to disseminate among logisticians, the NSN as a common key element in item identification and exploit the data set associated in benefit of related logistics functions.

The catalog contains all items of production that are considered items of supply. Its structure allows for the double correspondence or cross reference between identifications production items and item identification for supply, allowing to group references of all those items physically and functionally identical or equivalent manufacturers under the same identification (NSN) Common , and differentiating those different under different NSN.

An item of supply is a producing item of manufacturers that are purchased by Defence to meet a logistic need for repetitive type; logistics needs in many cases may be expressed or identify by the appointment of a certain item’s part number or by the reference of manufacturer (parts / part specific repair), and in others, by specifying a contractual statement of a set of physical and functional characteristics (item back development to produce or article of general use likely to be obtained from various commercial sources).

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