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Perama develops all technical documentation that will support the life cycle of the system:
  • Technical Manuals.

    • Obsolescence
    • Packaging, handling, storage and transport.
    • Support infrastructure and facilities.
    • Etc.
  • Drawings
  • Estimated Life Cycle Costs
  • Operation Manual.

    • Commissioning Procedure.
    • Stopping Procedures (normal, emergency, etc.)
    • Composition and physical relationships between the different systems.
    • Operating Parameters.
  • Maintenance Manual

    • Planning of maintenance tasks (predictive, preventive and corrective).
    • Description of maintenance tasks.
    • Assignation of tasks to different maintenance levels.
    • Troubleshooting.
  • Provisioning Documentation:

    • Spare parts for each machine (LBAA, spare parts stores, etc.)
    • Consumables required for the operation and maintenance.
    • Tools.
    • Measuring devices.
These lists must be obtained for each and every one of the equipment or elements which, integrating the complex system (including systems and subsystems), will require maintenance actions throughout life.

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