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As defined in the standard: MILSTD-1369, “Integrated Logistics Support is the set of elements necessary to ensure the effective and economical support of a system or equipment at all levels of maintenance for which its life cycle has been scheduled. In practical terms, the ILS includes consideration of all these elements during the process of system engineering / design, analysis procedures and documentation of these considerations, and the planning process for the purchase of these items in a timely manner.”

The main disciplines in which the ILs is diversified are: Provisioning, Staffing Requirements, Technical Documentation Services, Infrastructures, Training and Education, Plan Maintenance and Support Teams…More

Premium WordPress ThemesBased on our extensive experience in the field of Integrated Logistic Support and our knowledge of various guidelines and military rules applicable to it (used entities like the Spanish Navy or the U.S. Navy), Perama Ingeniería elaborates:

  • Technical Manuals,
  • Drawings
  • User Manuals,
  • Maintenance Manuals
  • Documentation of supply.
In addition, we are able to perform such documentation in accordance with standard S1000D.

It is also made:

  • Layout
  • SGML / XML (for incorporation in logistics management systems)



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As stipulated in the Regulation of Cataloguing of Defense Material regulated by the RD 166/2010 of February 19th (BOE n º 58 of March 8, 2010), every supplier of the Ministry of Defense must catalog, as a prerequisite, the objects of their supply.

PERAMA is accredited as Cataloguing Services company by Ministry of Defence with 2N code and has the Official Software MINISDEF for conducting and supporting NATO cataloging. It also has its own software that adds value to the documentation itself and allows to follow the traceability of actions cataloging, providing additional information to customers.