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What is the NATO Codification System?

The NATO Codification System (NCS) is a vital component of NATO's supply chain management, providing a standardized and efficient method for identifying and tracking military supplies, equipment, and other materials. By utilizing the NCS, NATO and its member countries can ensure that the right supplies and equipment are available when and where they are needed, improving the readiness and effectiveness of military operations.

The NATO Codification System enhances interoperability among user countries. It aims to ensure any article or item is identified through a single denomination and a unique NATO Stock Number (NSN).

By implementing the NATO Codification System we are increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of the logistics support systems.

Para todos los contratos de adquisición de materiales que formalicen las Fuerzas Armadas españolas, el Ministerio de Defensa establece que es obligatorio considerar la catalogación de los mismos como paso inicial para su posterior gestión logística, lo que se exige de los contratistas nacionales y extranjeros.


What are the benefits of the NATO Codification System?

Improved Logistic Support

La catalogación OTAN proporciona un sistema estandarizado para identificar y catalogar los artículos relacionados con la defensa, lo que ayuda a mejorar la logística y la gestión de la cadena de suministro.s.

Improved item tracking

NATO codification ensures that items can be tracked and accounted for throughout their lifecycle, which helps to minimize the risk of errors, reduce costs, and improve inventory accuracy.


Spanish and foreign defense contractors are required to comply with NATO regulations when selling equipment to the Spanish Armed Forces. NATO codification is a requirement for compliance with these regulations.

Mayor eficiencia

By using NATO codification, defense contractors can ensure that their equipment is compatible with the Spanish Armed Forces, which increases efficiency and reduces costs.

Main Transactions

System Input Transactions


NSN allocation to a nationally-built item


NSN allocation to a foreign nation-built item


Item reference allocation to an existing NSN


NATO Codification System registration for manufacturers and suppliers


User registration for an existing NSN


Information research in the Spanish National Codification System (SICAD) and NATO Master Catalogue of References for Logistics


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